Angela Langley’s ‘Circles in Nature’ works with the healing powers of nature to bring balance to our changing world. Their garden designs are living pieces of art that create harmony, balances energies and provides healing spaces for our clients.

Talk us through why we need to have a Flower Show in Cape Town?

I believe having a Flower Show in Cape Town is of paramount importance for the Green Industry. In 2014 Cape Town was awarded ‘Design Capital of the World’ and I believe we should build on this accolade by giving landscape designers and landscape architects a platform to showcase their design excellence. By participating in a flower show, landscapers are given the opportunity to explore and express creativity that may not be challenged when designing a garden for a client.

What will your ‘show’ garden be about? How will you interpret the brief?

The category I have entered for is the Biodiversity Garden – A Celebration of the Cape Floral Kingdom. The overall design aims to reflect the vibrant, dynamic culture of Cape Town, celebrate the wide and unique range of plants in the Cape Floral Kingdom, and inspire people to find creative ways of using these plants in their gardens.

What knowledge or experience would you like visitors to the Cape Town Flower Show to take away with them?

Experience the wealth of indigenous plants that we have, and explore different types of plants that can be used in their garden over and above what is currently being used. Experience the level of landscape design that is available in Cape Town and be encouraged to be more adventurous when designing their gardens. Understand that a garden can be a work of art where not only the landscaper’s ideas are interpreted, but the client’s dreams are also interwoven in the design.

Having a beautifully designed garden is not only for those who have lots of money – everyone can have a beautifully landscaped garden no matter how big or small. The secret lies in the overall design.

I believe that seeing and engaging in a show garden compared to seeing one in a magazine makes a garden more tangible and encourages the visitor to explore new ways of creating their own beautiful garden.

‘Circles in Nature’

The design has been placed on the diagonal so as to give a sense of space by leading the eye across the garden. The design uses circles that increase in height from the entrance of the garden to the decked seating area at the back. The use of the different heights draws the eyes towards the focal point in the top right hand corner while creating a sense of areas floating in space. Each circle differs in size, allowing for a contemporary design that flows while using strong shapes. The colour theme for the design is white, purple, pink, silver and blue. These colours will soften the contemporary shape of the garden and create a peaceful area.


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