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Talk us through why we need to have a Flower Show in Cape Town?

The Cape Town Flower Show is an opportunity to raise awareness among people within the industry as well as the general population about the great variety of flora that we have here in the Cape.

It is also an opportunity for companies in the industry to get together and work towards a common goal. Through this process skills and knowledge can be shared and networks can be developed.

What will your ‘show’ garden be about? How will you interpret the brief?

Our garden will focus on the biodiversity in, on and around the newest natural wonder of the world, Table Mountain. We hope that visitors will experience our display as stimulating the senses in such a way as to be both educational as well very pleasing to the eye.

How will you decide what to put in it? Talk us through your design.

As mentioned, our design is centred around the biodiversity found in, on and around Table Mountain. We will focus on the four main Fynbos groups; the Proteas, Ericas, Restios and Geophytes. We aim to make our display as interactive as possible by having visitors walk ‘through’ our display in order to get a better sense of how the growth of fynbos is affected by location, climate and soil.

What knowledge or experience would you like visitors to the Cape Town Flower Show to take away with them?

I would hope that visitors begin to gain an understanding of the variety and diversity of flora that we have here in the Cape. I would also like visitors to leave the show feeling inspired to create beautiful outdoor spaces in their own homes and communities with the understanding that the preservation of this biodiversity could be a wonderful legacy for this generation.


‘The Flora Kingdom of Table Mountain Garden’


Our garden focuses on and highlights the biodiversity in, on and around the newest Natural Wonder of the World, Table Mountain.We hope to stimulate the senses of those who visit our display garden and aim to be both educational and pleasing to the eye. The plant species found in our garden are the four main types of fynbos; namely, the Proteas, Ericas, Restios and Geophytes. After the show our garden will be relocated to Somerset Lakes in Somerset West.

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Atlanticscapes is a landscaping and maintenance company that was established in 2010 by owner, Anthony Teuchert, a qualified Horticulturist. Atlanticscapes has established itself in the industry within both the domestic and commercial sectors; projects include housing developments, parks and open public spaces, offices complexes and residential gardens, both big and small.