landscaper-caraTalk us through why you think we need to have a Flower Show in Cape Town?

The Cape Floristic region is not only a unique biodiversity hotspot and national treasure, but its richness and beauty are famed internationally. What better place to celebrate and showcase our green industry?

 What will your Show garden be about? How will you interpret the brief?

Our Show garden is designed to highlight the plight of our natural water resources not only in Cape Town, but around the country. Using a Sub-Saharan theme to celebrate our country’s diversity, with a contemporary twist, our garden highlights water wise design and responsible use of eco-friendly materials to promote the evolution of a modern lifestyle adapted to reducing our dependence on our precious resources.

 What knowledge or experience would you like visitors to the Cape Town Flower Show to take away with them?

First and foremost the quality and variety this industry has to offer, to be inspired by top-notch design, innovative products and the potential for every visitor to unleash their creativity in their own back gardens.

“Contemporary by Nature”

This garden is designed to not only represent the stylistic image of the Cape Contours brand, but also to showcase the plight of our natural water shortages.
A dry riverbed with stones flowing like water, a waterfall of ornamental grass, steel trellising made to look like rain, and a sea of savannah-type grassland planting; are all suggestive of water but actually highlight its absence. These elements will all be represented in a fresh contemporary style to emphasise a modern take on a lifestyle adapted to reducing our dependance on this precious resource, while celebrating Sub-Saharan Africa’s natural beauty.

cape contours

Winners of the SALI Shield of Excellence 2014 for best landscape, SALI Trophy Award for Best Water Wise Garden, and SALI Trophy Award for Best Landscape Construction.


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