Talk us through why you think we need to have a Flower Show in Cape Town?

Looking past the Cape Floristic Kingdom’s rich plant diversity (20% of Africa’s flora being found in the Cape) and being identified as one of the World’s 18 biodiversity hot spots, Cape Town needs to showcase our intention to be ”Green” but still remain on the world stage in the realm of garden design.

 What will your show garden be about?

My garden design reflects a sustainable contemporary sculpture garden. This garden shows the onlooker how they can incorporate a sustainable usable garden within a small space. The dynamic water features boast found objects as water spouts.

A special edition recycled brick is used for the edgings to the groundcover areas.  These walkable spaces are at different heights and lead to a seat surrounded by a raised vegetable and herb garden including producing climbers.  This design encourages the visitor to cultivate their own vegetables for consumption.

This arts and crafts design includes two sculptures depicting items from our heritage placed on podiums of interesting texture.

What knowledge would you like visitors to the Cape Town Flower Show to take away with them?

We would like to encourage the visitor to think twice before discarding materials and being creative in recycling them. To show everybody that lawn substitutes exist, are functional and aesthetically pleasing and are water-wise. Also that vegetables and Herbs for consumption are easily cultivated in small spaces. Art is always an interesting addition to any garden and look past mass produced items.

Credentials: ND, NHD Horticulture, SALI Silver award for design and construction of a domestic garden. Finalist in Corobrik awards.


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