Talk us through your show garden design.

My show garden will promote sustainable growing and living within a contemporary style. All plants in the show garden will be grown by Kimko and can be used for cooking, medicine, or simply to enjoy in any space.

There are a lot of ways to use permaculture techniques to improve the efficiency of our gardens and reduce the amount of work we have to do every day. This gave me the idea of creating a garden that includes plants and trees growing together, each offering the other something it needs.

The design includes a lemon tree, herbaceous plants, and plants that will help fertilize, attract pollinators and be beneficial for insects. The plants will also provide mulch and deter pests. Herbs helps us create healthier garden ecosystems and they are low maintenance, allowing us to have more time to sit and enjoy our garden.

Herbs that are included in this project in combination with some ornamental grasses to add that contemporary modern look are: Taraxacum officinale-Dandelion, Achillea millefolium, Fennel-foeniculum vulgare, Chamaemelum nobile-Chamomile, Comfrey, Chives, Clover, Lemon balm, Wild rocket, Lavender, Ophiopogon giant, Tulbagia – wild garlic.

What knowledge or experience would you like visitors to the Cape Town Flower Show to take away with them?

 I would like to make the visitor stop and think and start living with nature and not against it, to make them want to grow herbs and vegetables at home, and to be able to give back to mother earth.

Is there a particular ‘detail’ Kimko is known for?

We are known mostly for our great service and quality of our work, to be able to deliver 100% to our clients and have them satisfied with their final product. Our approach to any design takes advantage of what is readily available and explores what is practically achievable.

‘Contemporary – Sustainable’