Introducing Alwijn Burger / BLOMBOY – Floral Theatre Project Manager



As Alwijn explains, “BLOMBOY came to life as a ‘floral alter-ego’ in January of 2013. It represents a pure celebration of my love of all things BLOOMING.”

BLOMBOY has since become a popular feature on social media and, in 2014, Alwijn launched “The Gentleman’s Flower Arranging Club”, which does exactly what it says on the tin and has become a popular monthly institution.

“In the Cape, we live in the heart of an exquisite floral kingdom, which we seem to take for granted. Since childhood and all through my career, I have drawn inspiration from the small intrigues of nature and the superior treasure trove of flowers.

“The Cape Town Flower Show will help to reintroduce flowers into our lives, not as a luxury but as a daily necessity. My motivation as the Floral Theatre Project Manager is to showcase the trend for cut-flowers that is currently sweeping the world. Flowers are about culture and civilization and we can create our own panache and style with floral arrangements within our homes. The Flower Show will, through the MasterFlorist™ competition, also highlight the country’s top floral artists and designers.”

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