Thinking of entering the MasterFlorist™ competition? This is what the judges are looking for

Just last week we announced the commencement of South Africa’s very own MasterFlorist™ competition to coincide with the Cape Town Flower Show at the Castle of Good Hope in October.

When approached with the idea of curating the competition, Alwijn Burger saw it as an opportunity to use it as a platform to challenge the floral industry with a modern perspective on flower arranging, something his floral alter-ego, Blomboy, does so well.


Along with an essence that celebrates all things blooming, the Cape floral kingdom as his subject, and inspiration “from the small intrigues of nature and the superior treasure trove of flowers,” not only does Alwijn’s interpretation of floral representation inspire beyond, but his sincere nature is perfect for the curation of MasterFlorist™ competition.

Through two rounds of judging prior to the event, you may wonder what it is the judges are looking for. If Blomboy’s Instagram is not enough to go by, read below – we asked him to tell us just what it is he and his fellow judges will be looking for:

Our ambition/objective with the MasterFlorist initiative is to promote and encourage unique views, distinct talent, a well-developed personal aesthetic and a bold passion for floral craft. I have great respect for individualism – and I (we, if I may) therefore admire all genres within the floral industry. Having said that our stance with regards to ‘rules and criteria’ will support a more progressive school of thinking compared to the one generally associated with ‘classic’ floristry.

Judging criteria will only be made available to the 12 final contestants – as we feel is should in no way ‘limited’ potential candidates at this stage.

Got it? Blooming wonderful.

Blomboy’s challenge will be extended to every contestant that takes part in the Cape Town Flower Show MasterFlorist™ competition and we’re not the only ones looking forward to the outcome. Khali Collins, owner of SA School of Weddings, showed her enthusiasm and will be sharing the opportunity with all her followers:

I am so excited that you are looking at fresh and progressive floristry as opposed to the “Classic” floristry as we all know that it is not really the way we all style our designs today.

If you are one of South Africa’s floral enthusiasts and feel you fit into this mould, you have until the end of July to enter. Click HERE for all the information as well as the entry form.

Happy Blooming!