Leon Kluge & The South African Mint

Leon Kluge is one of South Africa’s most reputable international export garden designers and needs little introduction in the world of showcase gardens.

His garden at the Cape Town Flower Show is being sponsored by The South African Mint for whom Leon has cleverly included a theme to reflect the launch of the first ever South African coloured coins which feature two endangered flower species – Hermanus Cliff Gladiolus and Blue Disa – and are on display in both Leon’s garden and the floral theatre.5002481B_SA_Mint_Digital_3D_Renders_Logos_1

This young and seriously talented, avant-garde landscape architect works all over the world. Leon has earned accolades that designers twice his age would covet, including 3 participating Gold medals at the Chelsea International Flower show in London in 2010 – 2012; a Gold at the Singapore International garden show 2016, Best outdoor lighting design at the Singapore Garden Festival, Gold and Best in Show Home Garden at the Gardening World Cup held in Japan in 2013. A Show Garden of Special Recognition at the Chaumont Garden and Land-art Show in France as well as Silver at the Japan Garden Show in 2011 and 2012.

‘Between the Folds’

The garden is inspired by the ancient art of “origami”.

Origami is the ability that one single sheet of paper can be transformed into many intricate objects by simply folding it, it’s the fine balance between simplicity and chaos. The simple straight lines of the origami based structures are elevated in view due to the fact that it is framed by a soft symphony of colour and texture, achieved by a unique perennial planting.

See an example of Leon’s Show Garden design, proudly sponsored by The South African Mint, below:


With over 100 years’ experience in supplying coins to Africa and the world, The South African Mint is proud to be the official sponsor of the Cape Town Flower Show’s floral theatre.

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