Life is a Garden


The Life is a Garden campaign was launched by the South African Nursery Association to promote gardening as the ultimate leisure time hobby in our beautiful country. The main aim of Life is a Garden is to bring relevant, industry-endorsed information, at the right time of the year, to interested gardeners across Southern Africa. Life is a Garden also supplies gardening editorial to the media across South Africa to assist with the promotion of gardening.

This year, Life is a Garden aims to broaden our horizons by teaming up with all the major garden shows around South Africa and we are delighted to be involved with The Cape Town Flower Show!

Here’s a little snippet of what Western Cape gardeners can be doing in their gardens, or things to look out for at this year’s show to implement in their gardens:

  • Freshen up garden containers containing specimen plants like lollipop standards, by pruning them neatly once again to maintain a round shape.
  • Plant some bright red bedding begonias around the stems this month and you will have a great festive look in December.
  • Feed the garden every month with general fertiliser, for optimal growth and water early in the morning, on wind-free days.
  • Plant out a last crop of lettuce and coriander before the summer heat starts.

For more information on bringing Life to your Garden, visit our website or join the conversation on our Facebook page:


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