How will the 2018 competition work?

There will be three rounds to the MasterFlorist™ Competition.  For a more equitable contest, the 2018 competitions will be split into amateur and professionals, with Rounds One and Two for professional florists only.   Depending upon interest a separate amateur competition could be held at the Cape Town Flower Show in October 2018.

Round One: Preliminary Stage (Commencing February 2018)

Round One is open to professional florists in South Africa who would like to participate in MasterFlorist™, by completing the online entry form IN FULL. (Entries that are late or incomplete will not be considered).

At the end of Round One, entries will be selected to qualify for Round Two of the MasterFlorist™ Competition.

Round Two: Regional Stage MasterFlorist™ Competition

Although more details will be available in due course, judging for this round will be carried out by an independent panel of industry experts (floristry, media, entertainment and marketing). Selection based on a variety of criteria including (but not limited to) skill, creativity, personality and uniqueness. The panel’s decision is final and cannot be contested.

The 12 finalists will be selected to compete in the final competition at the Cape Town Flower Show.

Round Three: Final MasterFlorist™ Competition.

The 12 finalists who have been chosen to compete in the final MasterFlorist™ Competition, by the criteria set out and the final judging, will travel to Cape Town to compete in the final competition being held at the Cape Town Flower Show at GrandWest in October 2018.

  • Travel and accommodation T&Cs will be provided should you be a successful competitor.
  • Times of the daily competitions will be advised nearer the time.

The title of MasterFlorist™ will be awarded to the MasterFlorist™ Winner at the Cape Town Flower Show 2018.

The Judges and Judging Criteria

The Judges’ decision and criteria is final and the competition coordinators (Growth Events (Pty) Ltd) will not enter into any further discussion regarding any entries once the finalists have been chosen and the winner announced.

Who may enter the competition?

Any professional florist, including South African Citizens and Foreign Nationals may enter the competition. However, to enter you must be at least 18 years old.  Please contact the Show Office 021 823 4000, if  you have any questions.  The competition will not start until February 2018, so please watch the website for more information.

Who may not enter the competition?

The following persons may not take part in this competition even if they qualify to enter. They will forfeit (give up) any prizes awarded to them:

  • Growth Events (Pty) Ltd, Wired Communications employees i.e. director(s), member(s), partner(s), employee(s), agencies(s), or consultant(s) relating to this competition.
  • Any supplier of goods and services in connection with this competition.
  • The spouse, life partner, siblings, children, or parents of any of the persons named above

Please see the Masterflorist™ 2016 Competition results here