Metro Roofs / Reliance / BotSoc SA

MetroThis garden is a collaboration between Metro Roof, the Botanical Society of South Africa and Reliance Compost, highlighting energy harvesting methods and water-wise gardening tips.

Metro Roof display how roofs, rainwater catchment, water storage, solar panelling and drip irrigation can facilitate energy saving and efficiency, recycling and using your household greywater to water your gardens.

Reliance Compost and the Botanical Society showcase examples of water-water indigenous plant choices. Water-wise gardens are often perceived as rockeries and succulents and you’ll see that does not have to be the case. There are a number of simple ways you can make your garden water-wise and beautiful with diverse plant choices out there.

‘Roots of Sustainability Garden’

Easy and effective ways to harvest rainwater and irrigate your garden will be show in this collaborative Show Garden, as well as tips for being water-wise and choosing indigenous plant options. There will be a variety of inspiring ideas on creating your perfect water-wise garden and ideas on indigenous plant choices.

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Metro Roofs

Metro specialises in roofing, solar & electric solutions from residential to commercial projects in and around Cape Town. Innovative solar installations, rainwater harvesting and rooftop gardens. Green energy solutions for everyone.


Reliance produces 100% certified organic compost. Putting green waste to good use rather than sending it to the already overcrowded landfills in the Western Cape. The Reliance Nursery offers compost, plants and mature trees, making use of advanced root technology designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems to equip plants for transplanting success. Offering a comprehensive plant species availability and landscaping advice.

The Botanical Society of South Africa

This NGO is all about people, passion and partnerships to know, grow and protect Southern Africa’s precious flora, focusing on environmental awareness and education, and biodiversity conservation. As a member-based society our mission is to ‘ win the hearts, minds and material support, of organisations and individuals, wherever they may be, for the conservation, cultivation, study and wise use of the indigenous flora and vegetation of southern Africa for the benefit and sharing by all.’ Join the BotSoc family.

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