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Angela Langley
Show Gardens Project Manager

This year, the Cape Town Flower Show is pleased to have landscaper Angela Langley on board to help with our Show Garden design and layout.

Her philosophy of “working in sympathy with places, people, their pets and nature” is a great fit for our October show.

This year is particularly challenging due to the ongoing drought conditions we are experiencing in the Western Cape, but Angela, like her show colleagues, always rises to a challenge:

“This year’s CT Flower Show has presented us with a challenge to demonstrate to our visitors how to rethink their outdoor spaces.  Our changing weather patterns could change our environment completely, but we would like to inspire people to come to the show to see what alternative gardens can be achieved by being practical and creative.

“Our gardens don’t have to be full of colourful flowers to create our sanctuary. They don’t have to be full of succulents and gravel either. With a creative design and clever use of drought-resistant plants and trees, art and sculptures, beautiful walkways, furniture and hard landscaping, we can achieve our place of relaxation or entertainment.”

Angela Langley has been involved in the landscaping industry since 2004. She grew up in Cape Town and moved to Johannesburg in 1983. During this time she studied Introduction to Horticulture and Advanced Garden Design, where after she started her own very successful landscape design business.

In 2013 she relocated to Cape Town and spent a year working with ‘Garden Vision’ as their landscape designer, before starting ‘Angela Langley Designs for Nature’ which she now runs with a wonderful support team behind her.

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